Impala 16 Shaft Refrigeration Plant Extension: Phase C

Impala 16 Shaft is located in Bojanala Region, 14 km NW of Rustenburg and is one of the Implats Group Flagship Shafts.

G4 Mining and Civils (Pty) Ltd was contracted by Bluhm Burton Engineering Pty Ltd to construct a new Condenser Cooling Tower structure, which is 16m x 15m (Wide) and 15m high, due to the mine’s increased need for cooled air for their underground operations.

Construction on the Project commenced February 2020, with completion planned for 15th November 2020. The foundation was completed in March 2020 before shutdown of Industries due to COVID-19. The project recommenced again in May 2020, resulting in a two-month delay to the baseline program. With a tremendous effort from the team, we aimed to complete the project on original key dates.

The easy-to-use PERI TRIO Formwork System was used to construct the walls. The structure was divided into 6 lifts/pours excluding the Roof. Total concrete on the Project is 600m3 of which 480m3 is pumped. The project also called for Reinforcement totalling 60 tons.